Build Back Eastern Kentucky!

HDA's Volunteer Program

Throughout the year, we welcome individuals and groups from all over the country to serve the people of Appalachian East Kentucky with us. Whether you come for a few days or a whole week, you’ll be improving life for mountain families in ways you can immediately see and feel. You’ll help build and repair homes for families in great need, and by doing that, you have the opportunity to not only have a positive impact on multiple generations of a single family, but also on an entire region!

We will work with you to make your trip to East Kentucky a memorable one. Whether you’re volunteering as a College Mission Group, a Church Youth Group (please note: HDA is not affiliated with any church or religion – we are open to all faiths), an Older Adults/Seniors Volunteer Group, or a corporate or national organization, we can help you meet your service needs and goals in a way that is most beneficial for you, HDA, and the people we serve.

East Kentucky offers unique experiences and adventures year-round, and while we want you to enjoy the beauty of our area and learn about its culture and heritage, we also want to stress that the main thing you'll be doing is helping people in need of affordable housing. Based on your interests and skill levels, you'll be matched to actual worksites - whether deep in a mountain hollow or right in the heart of a small town - where you'll build roofs, raise walls, construct wheelchair ramps, paint interiors, and more!

It's not easy work, but it's definitely rewarding! No matter your skill level or experience, our on-staff carpenters will guide you in your work and you'll be amazed at the difference you'll make. You'll learn new skills, meet new and interesting people, and help build a new story in the lives of others.

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Your Service Adventure Includes:

Just a Reminder:

You do not have to be experienced or knowledgeable about carpentry or construction to volunteer with HDA! Our carpenters will be onsite to teach and guide you.

Want to Take Things to a Whole New Level? Take on Our Ultimate House Raising Challenge!

Only THREE groups have had the guts and the drive to take this one on. It's not a decision to be taken lightly, and if you do take us up on this challenge, we expect you to see it through to the end. Only serious contenders need apply. If you're looking for a premium volunteer experience, this is it!

Need Help? Have Questions? Please Contact:

Jane Rose "Janie" Britton, Volunteer & Community Coordinator
Office: 606-436-0497

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